Emma Graduation 2017

Sunday, June 5, 2017

Today I watched the members of the Emma Willard Class of 2017 become Emma alumni. It was such a special moment celebrated outside on the lawn in inner campus. The girls looked absolutely stunning in their white and creme colored dresses decorated with crimson-colored roses and elegant wreaths. American journalist, Joel Stein (the spouse of an Emma alumna), gave one hell of a commencement address. He had us Emma Girls laughing and some parents and faculty members wincing in their seats. Find his work in Time Magazine. Fahima delivered a tear-jerking and truly inspirational speech; she is going to rule the world someday. It was so nice seeing my ring sisters, Maddy and Sasha, along with other close friends from the senior class. I remember them as freshmen and sophomores new to Mt. Ida. And now they’re off to college, just like we were a year ago. Sitting next to Nicki, Téa, and Sosie during the ceremony made it feel as though we walked the halls of Slocum and Weaver not too long ago. The anticipation leading up to the wailing wall and distribution of the diplomas a year ago was beyond nerve racking and intimidating. But we survived and have thrived since; our Emma chapters are officially over, and we have moved on with our lives outside of the comforting grey walls. So much has already happened within a school year, and so much will continue to happen at Emma and wherever life takes us. Luckily, Emma will always be there to welcome us home.

Congratulations, Class of 2017. You’ve worked unbelievably hard and will always owe your tenacity, confidence, and friendships to Emma. “Oh, the places you’ll go.” xo ~ e.


Go Mads!!


Queen Fahima


Go Sash!! You did it!


The Class of 2017


Waterworks at the Wailing Wall

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Ring sister love


Ella made it!

Great Synagogue of Florence

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Yesterday my Holocaust class took a trip to the Great Synagogue of Florence. It’s a beautiful building both inside and out! I didn’t take too many photos, but here are the ones I did take. xo ~ e.


Can you spot the Ten Commandments?



Memorial outside



Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I’m currently in contact with some prospective FFE students who may join Marist’s Class of 2021! I reached out to an admissions counselor at Marist in January and said I want to talk to prospective students about my experience abroad. I remember a year ago wanting to know so badly what life would be like as a freshman in Florence. I talked to many FFE alums and watched all the Marist Italy YouTube videos, but I couldn’t really picture an abroad life for myself until I got here. The best part about the FFE Program is that everyone has a unique and individual experience. It is what you make of it. Florence caters to a wide variety of interests, hobbies, and passions. Just like a college campus, it has something for everyone.

The seniors I’ve heard from are really interested in the program! It’s so much fun for me to answer their thoughtful questions and share my experience, because a year ago, I was the one asking the many questions about transitioning, packing, budgeting, etc….

I remember how stressful it was last April with the May 1 decision deadline. I think at that point, I knew Marist and Florence is where I was destined to be. To any seniors reading this blog post, have faith that you will end up where you belong and you will thrive there. xo ~ e.

Here’s what I sent to the accepted FFE Students:


Mi chiamo Emma, and I’m a current FFE at Marist. Alex Tom (a Marist admissions counselor) gave me your email, and I thought I would reach out. First off, congratulations on your acceptance to Marist and the FFE Program! I know how stressful applying to college is and waiting to hear decisions, but trust me when I say it will all work out. Enjoy the last few weeks of high school, because they will fly! 

Here’s a little blurb about me… I’m from southern Vermont and went to an all girls boarding school in upstate New York. After four years of living in a dorm, I knew I wanted a unique college experience. Living and studying in Florence continues to fulfill my desire! Having the once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad as an eighteen year old was simply one I could not pass up. I hadn’t been to Europe before, and I knew I would be surrounded by students who were mature, motivated, and independent. The FFE Program, School of Communications, proximity to NYC, tight-knit community, abroad emphasis, and internship opportunities were ultimately what led me to choose Marist over Ithaca, Emerson, Fordham, and Elon last May.

My freshman experience in Europe has exceeded my expectations by far. I have loved every aspect of studying abroad and would recommend it to anyone who wants a challenge and to stand out from his/her peers. The academics are very manageable, our FFE group is very close, and traveling is quite accessible. Thinking about leaving in less than two months is really sad! I would stay longer if I could. 

If you have ANY questions about Marist, the FFE Program, etc…, please do not hesitate to reach out. I found it so helpful talking to current, past, and future FFEs as I started to make my final college decision. Also, feel free to check out my blog because I write about my time here in Europe every day! My advice for you is to take the next couple weeks to visit schools (especially during accepted student days), weigh pros and cons, and talk to as many students as you can before committing to the school you feel is the best fit for you. Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Emma LeMay ’20



Back in the Swing of Things

Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring break is officially over, and the last quarter of the school year is well underway. I never thought it would be here so quickly! In a way, it feels like we just arrived.

Amsterdam and Paris were the perfect places to recharge and relax before the last several weeks that will be a whirlwind. I spent a lot of time with my trip journal today, collaging the business cards and the receipts I collected. I can still smell the French fries on the streets of Amsterdam and the freshly baked baguettes in Parisian bakeries.

We’re getting our midterms back this week. I scored a perfect 100 on my fashion exam! That was a nice surprise. I didn’t do as well as I hoped on COM, but I know I can make it up. Still waiting on history, philosophy, and literature. Grades have always been stressful for me! I’m learning to not be as obsessive about them though. It’s college after all 🙂 The good news is is that I’m already in!

I went to soccer today and was huffing and puffing up and down the field! I scored a nice goal though and hit the crossbar/post three times. It feels nice to be outside and running around again. It’s awfully warm in Florence! We’re in the consistent 70s now. The tourists are out, and the streets are uncomfortably crowded. It’s hard not to complain about them, because we’re tourists here too (a special kind though). 48 days left as a study abroad Florentine! Going to make them count! xo ~ e.

Two Exams Away

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Only two exams stand between me and my spring break that includes a trip to Amsterdam and Paris and a visit from my relatives! My Holocaust exam went very well this morning; I felt prepared and confident answering the questions. I also got to do some cleaning and preparing for vacation. I’m now frantically studying for my philosophy and literature tests tomorrow! Luckily, I have several hours in between. Stay tuned! xo ~ e.


Brynn generously shared her Canada Dry with me


Studying is better with chocolate (and Colleen)

No Midterms Today

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Although I don’t have any midterms today, I’ve spent several hours in the Marist Italy classroom studying! Today I’m focusing strictly on my history midterm I’ll take tomorrow at 9 AM. Study breaks include: munching on corn nuts, ab exercises, listening to the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast, writing in my journal/letters, and hydrating. I plan on heading to the common room again tonight to study with my peers after a healthy dinner and workout! xo ~ e.


Occupying the entire table 


Must remember this for tomorrow! 

So It Begins…

Monday, March 20, 2017

Midterms week has officially commenced. I got my fashion and COM midterm out of the way today and get a break tomorrow to study! I am still working on techniques on how to not overly stress about exams. That habit started at Emma Willard and has traveled with me to Italy. The biggest thing to remember is that exams are not life or death, and you can only prepare and do as well as you can. Amsterdam and Paris will be excellent rewards! Sasha and I fly out of Bologna to Eindhoven Friday morning, and we hope to take a bus/train to Amsterdam. We are so excited!

We splurged in between exams by eating Queens Chips before our 3 PM midterms. They hit the spot, even though we should have passed on them. Healthy eating is tricky when stressed! But I have been snacking on yogurt with muesli and fruit, clementines from my favorite stand at the Sant’Ambrogio Market, baked apples with cinnamon, and couscous. The produce at the market really is the best quality. The asparagus I got Saturday was unbelievably fresh and rich with flavor.

I am looking forward to having my uncle, aunt, and cousin here next week when I return to Florence. They are going to be in Germany and Austria before they arrive in Italy. Note to self: Make a reservation at Santarpia. xo ~ e.

Making use of the common room to study