Emma: Intern Edition

Thursday, June 8, 2017

As I sit here writing on a Thursday evening waiting for my dinner to be ready (yes, it’s nearly 9 PM), I fondly recall how two months ago I would be reveling in the start to my typical three-day weekends in Florence. But my freshman year abroad days are sadly over, and I have a full eight hour work day tomorrow. The good news is is that tomorrow is my last day of Vermont Country Store intern orientation! The interns and I have had an incredible week learning about the company and meeting many hardworking and friendly professionals. The highlight was seeing my dad up in North Clarendon during our tour. Tomorrow we are visiting both retail locations in Weston and Rockingham; I’ve always loved trying the samples in the stores and grabbing a cone at Mildred’s Dairy Bar.

My first task as an intern was to launch the 2017 summer intern blog. You can stay up to date with our projects here; all interns contribute to daily posts. I kicked it off with The First Day: Summer 2017 Orientation Kick Off. It’s a great group of college students (and a graduate). It will be a very fun summer with them at VCS! I’m a working girl in a working world. xo ~ e.


2 thoughts on “Emma: Intern Edition

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