What’s Next…?

I originally created this blog so my friends and family could stay up to date with my life in Florence. I accomplished my goal to blog every day while I was in Europe, and now I find myself back in the United States with a different lifestyle, one that perhaps is not as exciting or adventurous as my lifestyle in Firenze. With that said, it seems silly to not utilize my blog anymore. I still love sharing my writing with an audience, and I thank each and every reader for following along. Throughout the next several months, you can expect my less frequent blog posts to be about:

  • Travel tips
  • Life as a college intern
  • What to do in southern Vermont and surrounding area this summer
  • Stories about unordinary happenings
  • Recipes for simple and inexpensive dishes
  • Interviews of other people who have recently traveled
  • Healthy daily routines
  • The challenges of ‘adulting’ and being a ‘millennial’ during this day in age
  • ‘A Day in the Life’ posts
  • Opinion pieces on current culture
  • DIY ideas

I will also work on changing up the layout/format of and adding content to my blog. For example, I’ve updated my FAQ page and added a ‘Work with Me’ page. Be sure to give them a glance! I am still fairly new to blogging, and I am trying to find my own unique voice and brand which is challenging due to the thousands of amazing bloggers there currently are. Your support and encouragement is very motivating though. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and tell me what you’d like to see more/less of. I am going to be the most authentic blogger I can be, and I hope you will continue reading! xo ~ e.


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