Occupation: Intern

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I am excited to announce that I clenched two part-time (paid) internships this summer! I will be interning at the Vermont Country Store under Ann Warrell in the Philanthropy department in addition to interning at Tuttle Publishing (a small publishing company specializing in Asian books) as their Publicity & Marketing intern. I went into Tuttle yesterday (the office is conveniently right across from Vermont Country Store’s North Clarendon office where my dad works) for an interview, and they hired me on the spot. I am looking forward to having some variety in my work and lots of projects to dive into. This is the first summer I’m working a full time job with a regular weekend. I’ll be saving up for that next plane ticket to who knows where! I need a busy summer to keep me occupied. xo ~ e.


One thought on “Occupation: Intern

  1. Lucy Ijams says:

    Wow! Two paid internships is great news. You work hard, and you know how to play. I predict you will go far in life achieving your dreams. Your parents and grandparents must be incredibly proud of you. Ciao.

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