Two Girls in Florence

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I achieved one of my writer dreams today by meeting up with Georgette Jupe (better known as Girl in Florence) today at Ditta! I pitched a “Campus Celebrity (Florence Edition)” article to Her Campus Marist and got the OK from the Editor in Chief in Poughkeepsie. I messaged Georgette on Instagram a few days ago asking if she’d be willing to do an interview, and she generously said yes! We talked for 2.5 hours (longer than both of us anticipated) about life in Florence as an expat 🙂 We covered study abroad, politics (American and European), travel, food, wine/drinking culture, the blogging community, family, and language. It was fascinating! I revere her for having a successful freelance career, and it’s even cooler that she’s abroad (her husband is French)! I’m still hoping to meet her precious beagle, Ginger (@beagleinflorence). Check out her blog here and her Instagram feed here. And look for my published post on Her Campus Marist soon.

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Yesterday I splurged and went to Hard Rock Cafe Florence. Lauren had never been, and Tahiti really wanted to go back. Why not have your first Hard Rock experience in the city you’re studying abroad in? I felt like I was back in Stati Uniti. I hate to admit that my pulled pork sandwich was DELISH!


Sasha and I had our second to last Wednesday morning La Ménagère cappuccini; we added a blueberry and chocolate  muffin to our orders today.

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Lunch was at San Gallo Trattoria Pizzeria on our street. 5 euro for a primo dish (huge plate of pasta), bottle of water, and espresso. That’s within the meager student budget!


Sasha and Amelia’s event planning class threw an event tonight at LdM. My Florentine editor, Mary Gray, was there to interview Sasha and a classmate on camera! It was nice seeing her. Coincidence after meeting her friend Georgette this morning! xo ~ e.


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