Language Exchange, Bellosguardo, FFE Luau

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Busy second to last Thursday in Florence! This morning Sasha and I met up with Laura, an Italian freelance journalist who a Marist professor connected me with, at Ditta for coffee and Italian practice. She is so sweet! Her English is much better than our Italian, but we all benefitted. We talked about where we have traveled, what we like/dislike about Italy, and our lives in Florence. Too bad we hadn’t met earlier in the year; if so, I think I would be much more proficient in Italian! We are going to get together again before we leave for aperitivo. Laura told the baristas to only speak to us in Italian whenever we come in 🙂

For Italian Grand Tour, we hiked up to Bellosguardo (20 minutes uphill), a very small & expensive villa outside the historic city center. The Grand Tourists used to stay there to escape the white noise of the city. It feels like a completely different world! It’s quiet and green. You can hear the birds chirping and feel the Tuscan breeze. The view of Florence and its surrounding area is breathtaking!

Tonight the Marist student workers (Sasha and Tahiti in particular) threw an FFE Luau Party in the common room. Tahiti lives in Hawaii and cooked some Hawaiian dishes for us (sushi with rice and spam, pork stew, a coconut dessert). We talked and ate together then watched Disney’s “Moana.” It’s such a cute movie! We also wrote letters to our senior selves. I took this activity much more seriously than I did at Emma! I hope I get to read it again close to graduation at Marist in May 2020. Until then, I won’t think about it!

Two weeks from today I’ll be done with my finals and my freshman year of college. Simply no words! xo ~ e.

FullSizeRender 6

One view from Bellosguardo 

FullSizeRender copy

Nathaniel Hawthorne lived here

FullSizeRender 5

Enchanting greenery


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