Festa della Liberazione

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Happy Liberation Day from Italy! It was a national holiday today, celebrating the end of Nazi occupation in Italy during WWII. The mayor spoke in Piazza della Signoria (where there were also protests), and there were concerts at various locations throughout the city.

It was a gorgeous spring day here in Florence. It’s cooled off a bit, for it’s been in the 60s recently. I’ll take it over hot and muggy! Everyone was out enjoying the day, and I spent a good couple hours at Cafe Murate after wandering around the city to look for a different vibe. There were so many Italians there; I didn’t hear a lick of English which made me feel like I was actually in Italy! A stage was set up too for an evening of jazz, and I heard the talented musicians warm up before taking a smoke break. Journaling (and creative writing brainstorming) with yet another caffè macchiato for an afternoon siesta was exactly what I needed to refocus.

Tomorrow for history class, we are going to the synagogue in Florence. I’m looking forward to it, since it’s a beautiful building that you can identify from anywhere in the city with its turquoise dome! xo ~ e.


Classic Italy


This used to be a prison





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