Sunday in Perugia

Monday, April 24, 2017

Yesterday I spent the day in the quaint Tuscan town of Perugia! Perugia is halfway in between Firenze and Roma. Elaine (my Emma Willard friend I went to Copenhagen with) is visiting Rome right now, and we decided to meet up in an unfamiliar town to both of us. A lot of my friends went to Perugia in October for the famous chocolate festival. Sasha and I went to Lucca that day, but I am so happy I got to go to Perugia after all! Being surrounded by the greenery of Tuscany’s rolling hills and less people was very refreshing. We spent a good couple hours just sitting on a terrace in the sun and admiring the view. Elaine’s friends, Kate and Addison, came with, and it was nice hanging out with new people. I thought it was funny they assumed I was a junior! Elaine is heading to Nice very soon during her long spring break.

One of the most memorable parts about Perugia was taking the mini metro up to the actual town itself, for the train station sits on the bottom of the hill outside the center. The mini metro was an automatic mode of transportation (perfectly timed and no driver). The little carts looked like mini silver school buses! It was so cool and felt like a tame roller coaster. I’d never seen anything like it!

I enjoyed riding on the train by myself. I passed Cortona and a pretty lake. Check out my photos below! xo ~ e.










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