Bon Voyage

Monday, April 17, 2017


My last international return to Firenze! Hearing “Prossima fermata a: Firenze Santa Maria Novella” might as well be a study abroad student’s Xanax. We left Nice at 8 AM and pulled into the Florence station at 5 PM. It was a long day of travel! I like traveling via train though. It’s less hassle than flying, in my opinion. One of our trains was 20 minutes ‘ritardo’ (late)! For the first time in Italy, I was in a full on sprint to get off our train, find the platform for our next one, and hop onto a new train all in a three minute span. Miraculously we made it! We looked like those hectic travelers as our adrenaline pumped, but we were just happy we got on the train, despite the looks and grunts we got from the people we bumped into.

We had an hour in Ventimiglia, Italy, so there we said goodbye to the French Riviera and had a cappuccino at a classic Italian café. Today was a big travel day for many.


“I brought my spirit to the sea and stood upon the shore”

I read on our four trains and failed at trying to open my ginger ale without a bottle opener.

Well, that’s the end to my international travel adventures of this year. A huge thank you to my travel partners, Olivia (the designated photographer) and Sasha. Thank you for your flexibility, patience, and spontaneity. I’m so grateful I got to spend this Easter weekend with you! And a big thank you to my parents for letting me embark on this crazy journey in August and to my grandparents for instilling a contagious passion for travel in me! The adventure doesn’t stop here; trains may reach the end of a line, but they continue to run! xo ~ e.


Miss Olivia

IMG_6666 (1)

Marist’s #1 fan


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