Meet & Greet Volunteering

Friday, April 7, 2017

I spent two hours this afternoon chatting with Italian students in English at a public art high school. This was my first time helping high school students practice their English in a much smaller and more intimate setting. I spoke with about five seventeen year olds, and we talked about a variety of things!

  • Daily schedule
  • Social life
  • Classes
  • American college lifestyles
  • Politics in Italy
  • Opinions about immigration and refugees in Florence

They also gave me a tour of their school, including a pit stop at the vending machines for a caffè. I got to see their self portraits and other artwork. There’s so much young talent in the school of 500-600 students! They mainly focus on painting, drawing, and sculpting. I was impressed. I asked what it’s like having such an art based curriculum after admiring the works; one boy said “Not every piece we do is a masterpiece. We do it for the exercise and practice.” I liked that a lot.

They said they think the school is run down as a result from lack of funding. They were so sweet and appreciative of us spending time with them and asking them questions and answering their questions. I’ve had such a positive experience volunteering at schools in Florence. It’s definitely impacted by abroad experience in a big way. Talking to these young Italian adults gives me yet another perspective on politics, diversity, society, etc…. I’ll be back in the high school classroom soon! xo ~ e.


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