Foody Farm

Thursday, April 6, 2017

One week down of second quarter! This week I have been so busy trying to get organized and back into the groove of things; I didn’t have much time to do actual schoolwork! I’ll catch up this weekend though.

This morning in philosophy class we had a debate on whether God is the intelligent designer of the world. I was assigned to the pro-God group, and for the first time, I was forced to directly think about how things came to be and if God did create the first form of matter. According to Aquinas’ Five Ways, God is the…

  1. First mover
  2. First cause
  3. Necessary being
  4. Greatest being
  5. Intelligent designer

My group used these factors as the main points for our argument. After the debate, our professor asked us for our personal opinions. Science and evolution can only prove so much. I think that there had to be someone/something that created the world, a systematic society, and gave things purpose; however, I’m not sure I would link it to a biblical figure. I did some journaling about it after. Philosophy definitely makes you ponder!

Letters are en route to Granny, Caroline, and Gracie after an hour at Café Oblate! The Duomo looked stunning against the overcast background.

FullSizeRender 3

One of my favorite places to write

I made dinner reservations earlier this week at Foody Farm, a place I’ve always wanted to try. Julia and I (UVM study abroad student from home) caught up and filled each other in on our spring break travels. She went to Sicily! The food we had was really good– a healthy spin on American classics. It’s the same owners as Fishing Lab, I believe! I got fried ricotta ravioli, a pulled pork pancake sandwich, and a custom, fresh salad. Couldn’t say no to the 2.50 euro glass of vino rosso! Spending two hours over a good plate of food and conversation buys much more than an outfit at Zara ever could. xo ~ e.

FullSizeRender 4


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