Au Revoir Paris

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Last morning in Paris

Sasha and I savored our last Parisian latte this morning at Coutume Café, a place where local Parisians and their pups hail for their daily cups o’ joe. We have had a very successful café tour on this vacation. If you know of anyone who will hire two girls to travel the world and analyze cafés, let me know 🙂



I left Sasha around 10 AM (her flight was later) and headed to Charles de Gaulle. The trains from the city center to the outskirts of the city were heavily delayed! I started to get nervous about making my flight along with the hundred of other passengers anxiously surrounding me. Luckily I made it to Terminal 2 with plenty of time to use the restroom and board. I spent a lot of time in Terminal F in the past few months! It felt strangely comfortable and familiar.


See you again soon

I flew to Rome first (Air France canceled my direct flight to Florence without alerting me, but I got re-routed). I experienced deja vu from my initial flight to Europe from JFK. In August, we landed in Rome then flew to Florence. I did it again for a second time, but this time I was alone and bittersweet about my final journey in Europe involving planes. I can’t count how many planes I’ve traveled on in the past seven months.


Flying over the Alps

My uncle, aunt, and cousin met me outside the Florence airport after they dropped their rental car off close by. We took a cab to their hotel which is close to my apartment then went to the Mercato Centrale for a quick pasta dinner. I heard about their adventures in Germany & Austria and told them about my abroad experience. It’s so nice to see them! They’re here until Sunday.

It was the most adventurous spring break for the books. Sasha and I had a truly wonderful time relaxing and exploring. Back to school on Monday! xo ~ e.


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