Last Day in Paris

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring break travels are sadly winding down. Today Sash and I sipped on one of the best lattes of our lives at an off the beaten track café she found in a book at another café! 

We also explored our area (Montmare), awing over the beauty of Sacre Cœur, enjoying a Parisian lunch outside in the sun and buying matching rings to forever remember our spring break travels.

For the afternoon, we took a short train to Versailles! Sasha had a pilgrimage moment, for she has had a fascination of Marie Antoinette ever since she was a little girl. The palace is over the top with size, surrounding gardens, and ornate details and decorations! We had a recharging sunbathe on the grass with the lovers, ducks, geese, and swans. I found the nature I have been craving. I wonder how much Louis and Marie actually walked through their massive gardens! We were impressed by the runners and bikers covering a lot of the gigantic space.

To save money, we had another picnic at the Eiffel. We each got our own baguettes this time in addition to Chinese food (practiced my Chinese AND French). Nothing is more beautiful than watching the sunset in Champs de Mars, surrounded by many foreign and local lovers of Paris and spring’s blooming cherry blossoms. The only irritating thing was having at least 20 men come up to us and try to sell us cheap Eiffel Tower statues and bottles of alcohol! We appreciated the experience nevertheless, including the light show at 9.

We had a resourceful journey back to our hostel, because my phone died while I looked up the metro route to get back. We  managed to find a metro station and only got on the wrong train once! Not bad for some millennials; we can survive without technology 🙂 We rewarded ourselves with a Nutella crêpe. 

If you go to Paris (which you should), I highly recommend going in the spring. We had perfect weather, and there were surprisingly not many tourists. It’s bittersweet knowing I’m leaving tomorrow, but I’m comforted by the fact that I will be back in this city of love. I think of Paris as a European Manhattan. What’s so wrong about that? xo ~ ex


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