Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Surprise! I’m engaged in Paris! Okay, I’m not, but today’s highlight was witnessing a proposal at sunset at the Eiffel Tower. Sasha and I enjoyed a picnic and saw a couple hug and kiss not far from us. She had a rose in hand, and another couple took photos of them. The curious hopeful lovers that Sasha and I are offered to take a photo of them, and they happily said yes before blurting that they just got engaged. We told them we figured. I also got to write #justengaged on the black chalkboard heart he brought along with a gorgeous rose ring. I still have the piece of chalk and will keep it as a momento of Paris. She is Brazilian, and he is Polish, but they spoke Spanish to each other. They live and work in Dublin and travel the world together. The week in Paris was a surprise and spontaneous trip for her birthday and something she didn’t know was coming. They’ll look back on the photos we took and maybe tell their kids about the story of how Mom and Dad got engaged in Paris. We couldn’t get over how we will be a part of their hopefully forever love story. We’re convinced Paris is the city of love. xo ~e.


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