Greetings from Amsterdam 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Sasha and I safely arrived in Amsterdam after a very bumpy ride from Bologna to Eindhoven!! The off duty flight attendant assured us in the boarding line that we had ‘good’ pilots today. Little did we know it would be a turbulent flight, and she was warning us! The regular commuters didn’t seem frazzled a bit, commenting on how it’s like this ‘every week.’ Something about the specific route and crosswinds make the plane feel like it’s about to go down! We laughed about it once we were on the ground. 

We took the bus to Amsterdam Central Station and walked to our trendy hostel. I’ve lucked out with hostels! This one has an awesome kitchen and common area for the friendly travelers.

We ate some good food, walked around the city, and had a memorable experience at the famous “The Fault in Our Stars” bench. This scene from this epic movie had me in tears at a movie theater a few years ago with Kayla Crossen. I never would’ve guessed I would have sat on it in real life! 

Our lunch and Chinese dinner hit the spot after a busy travel day. We had Ben and Jerry’s for dessert!

We love the buildings, friendly people, canals, postcards at cool shops, abundance of bikes, flowers sold on the street, and good vibes in Amsterdam. So excited to be here for the weekend! xo ~ e.


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