La Bella e La Bestia

Sunday, March 19, 2017

After a full day of studying yesterday, we went to see La Bella e La Bestia. Lauren, Colleen, Tahiti, and I went to the Odeon with snacks packed in our bags, anticipating to see the 8:30 PM show. When we got there, the lobby was absolutely packed. The usher said the theater was already pretty full. There was a 10:45 PM screening, so we decided to hang out and come back. We all really wanted to see it!

We ate our snacks in Piazza Repubblica and went to the Mercato for cannoli. They’re the best there! Good food and good people makes time pass quickly. Before we knew it, we were seated comfortably in the theater.


I had never seen Beauty and the Beast. I think when I was little, I was scared of the beast. Disney movies could be scary as a young child! I did hear a lot about Belle though and could identify the Disney princess by her iconic yellow dress. I didn’t know the entire plot prior to watching it, but I knew there would be a happily ever after ending, because it’s Disney (duh)!

Watching it in the gorgeous Odeon only enhanced the experience. It’s one of those movies you shouldn’t watch for the first time in your living room. The film surpassed my expectations! It made me believe in fairytales again (even if temporarily). The singing, costuming, special effects, dancing, and set was all magical and mesmerizing. Emma Watson played Belle perfectly. She’s a real life princess! I thought it was interesting she turned down the role for Cinderella (Disney’s adaptation released in 2015), because she didn’t “resonate with the character.” Apparently she resonated with Belle more, because she dove right into the project. Belle is a fierce, brave, and confident young woman, all qualities of a hero.

The soundtrack to the movie was excellent, and the actor who played Gaston did a great job of illustrating a villain. I did jump a few times in the final scene! I highly recommend going to see this movie at the theater. Now I need to go watch the original! From what my friends told me, they were pretty identical. I’m so glad I got to see two wonderful musicals at the Odeon! xo ~ e.




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