Hilsener fra København

Friday, March 10, 2017

Greetings from Copenhagen🇩🇰 Long day of travel (started at 4:30 AM) but it was so worth it! I’m currently in the lobby of Urban House Copenhagen waiting for Elaine’s arrival. I had a smooth journey to Copenhagen from Florence, and I explored this quaint, Danish city on my own for the day. I figured out how to take the metro to Nyvahn from the airport. It was only a 15 minute ride. Turning the corner and eyeing the colorful houses on the harbor was a “Wow” moment. So much beauty in one scene! 

Paper Island was high on my list for places to eat. I stumbled across it after crossing a bridge with other travelers. This old warehouse had the coolest, trendiest food stalls! So many choices of Copenhagen street food. I couldn’t have gone wrong with any of them. I decided to go with the pulled duck ‘n chips. ‘Twas a good choice for the tastebuds.

I checked into the hostel after lunch. I had a nice stroll down the main pedestrian shopping street of Copenhagen. It reminded me of the shopping in Athens and in distant Burlington (Church Street). The hostel we are staying in is very hip and trendy. This is only the third hostel I’ve stayed in! It’s poppin’. They have a bar and restaurant, lounge areas, lockers, a kitchen, in addition to hundreds of rooms! There are so many people. It makes me feel even more like a young traveler. I am so happy to be in Copenhagen and navigating it on my own. Still feels like a dream! 

I had to take a brief nap in our eight bed female dorm. I woke up when some roommates returned. Two really sweet recent college grads from a university in Boston. One was familiar with Emma Willard, so we chatted about that! They both studied abroad in Europe and decided to do a spontaneous trip together to a few popular cities. It was nice talking about college and our abroad experiences. The one other roommate I met is an older woman (40s) from Madrid! She worked hard on convincing me that Madrid is better to visit than Barcelona. She’s going swing dancing tonight with some locals! She also went to Sweden today. The train ride is 30 minutes. Elaine and I might have to make a trip of there tomorrow, possibly for dinner. 

I needed something lighter for dinner tonight after my scrumptious yet not so healthy lunch. I also ate what the flight attendants gave me, because I have learned how crucial it is to eat food that is given to you! You never know when your next meal will be during travel! I found a vegan restaurant on my phone, and decided to check it out. Our hostel is centrally located, but it’s about a 15 minute walk to the main hub. Simple Raw took me right back to Kyiv with the decor. A refreshing glass of sparkling lemonade flavored with ginger and sweetened with agave and rice rolls hit the spot. I also got to catch up with my journaling, call my dad, and eavesdrop on Danish conversations.  

I am thoroughly exhausted now, but I am so happy and lucky to be here. This is my first international weekend trip of the school year! It’s always exciting exploring a new place with a new culture and language. People here are very friendly, and English is commonly spoken. The one thing I will say, is that it is very expensive!!!! For example, a meal costs a minimum of $12, and a bottle of water costs $3. We really are only going to spend money on food and try to do the cheaper excursions (minus the aquarium tomorrow). It’s been a dandy start to the weekend in Denmark! xo ~ e.

Initial reactions

  • Lots of blonde haired, blue eyed people! The most I think I’ve ever seen.
  • Bikes are huge here. They have bike paths on the roads and pedestrian streets. We might end up renting them tomorrow to tour the city more efficiently.
  • Copenhagen is known to be the ‘happiest place on earth.’ People are pretty happy from what I’ve seen! They are friendly and seem to be enjoying their lives. It’s certainly refreshing.
  • Like Florence, the center of Copenhagen is fairly small. Therefore, it’s easy to see a lot of it in a short period of time.
  • It’s windy! But the sun makes the windy 45 degrees not seem so bad.
  • There are countless restaurants that serve burgers; I think that’s their speciality! 
  • I went into a Tiger here (where the company originated from), and it was especially huge! 
  • I have yet to try a Carlsberg beer, but it’s what Denmark is known for.
  • Flying into Copenhagen was really neat, since there were a lot of windmills off the water. The streets were all very clean. Perhaps it’s a very Eco-friendly city! 
  • There are a lot of American and Danish students. I saw them heading out for drinks on my way back from dinner. It only enhances the young and hip feel to the city!


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