Field Trip to Santa Croce

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Last day in Firenze for a few days! Tomorrow I’ll be jetting to Copenhagen, Denmark for a weekend getaway with a dear friend of mine from Emma, Elaine. She is studying chemical engineering at Villanova and is in England for this semester. We are so excited to explore an unfamiliar European city together! I can’t say my Danish is up to par, but I know there will be plenty of people who speak English.

For my Italian literature class today, we went into the gorgeous Basilica di Santa Croce. According to my professor, aside from the Duomo and the Uffizi, Santa Croce is the third most visited attraction in Florence. Michelangelo, Galileo, and other famous people from many years ago are buried here. We saw their tombs in person! We also got to go into a chapel that is closed off to the public. We couldn’t take any pictures, but the frescos were molto belissimo.

When we were in the refectory, my professor asked the class about the Last Supper painting. I explained how you could tell which apostle is Judas and why, because I did my public speaking speech on a Last Supper cenacolo at the Santa Maria Novella Church last semester! Always a plus applying your knowledge from inside the classroom to the inside of another classroom 🙂

I cannot express enough how cool it is getting to go on these field trips. Places like Santa Croce, the Ferragamo Museum, Santa Maria Novella, Palazzo Davanzati, the Uffizi, etc… are all positively impacting my education and study abroad experience. Field trips emphasize how Florence is our campus. And what a campus it is.

Beautiful, mid-sixties Thursday. We’re expecting lots of sun and increased temperatures next week. Can’t believe midterms are two weeks away! It’ll be nice to relax this weekend before hitting the books all of next week and next weekend. I will do my best to blog some photos of my weekend! Crossing my fingers that the travel is smoother than it was when I returned to Florence from Kyiv. xo ~ e.




Michelangelo’s tomb


Church’s courtyard


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