New Journal

Saturday, March 4, 2017

A big happy birthday to one of my best friends since childhood, Fayla! I cannot believe my friends and I are all quickly approaching our twenties. I clearly remember when Fayla and I played in the backyard of her North Bennington home over a decade ago. The best is yet to come.


I am starting my fifth journal of the school year. I spotted this one at a classy stationery store in the Old Town Square in Prague. My friends convinced me to buy it for 10 euros. When I opened the front cover and saw Florence above the ‘Notes’, I was convinced it had my name on it. Starting a new journal is always exciting! Maybe this one will last me until May…



My Florentine article didn’t hit print for the March issue; however, it did make an appearance on the first page! My editor emailed me this yesterday, congratulating me on a widely read article. Pretty exciting! xo ~ e.





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