La La Land

Thursday, March 3, 2017

Tonight I was dreaming in La La Land.


Source: IMP Awards

What a heart lifting movie! Sasha, Olivia, Amelia, and I headed to the Odeon after Chinese food out. We made ourselves comfortable in the big, plush Odeon seats. This movie theater has the power to bring you back in time, a time when going to the movies was a big deal.

This movie accomplished what movies are supposed to: transporting one into another world, enamored of the story and connected to the characters. The singing, dancing, actors, and music were all factors contributing to this Oscar winning film! I highly, highly recommend watching this musical. It’s a unique love story about two young people chasing separate dreams.There were definitely some teary eyed moments. In addition, it’s set in the present, but there are several elements (music, costumes, props) of the film that make you feel like it’s several decades ago.

AFTER you see the movie, check out these reviews on La La Land:

The Guardian

New York Times

Wall Street Journal

xo ~ e.


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