Mara’s Crocodile Soup

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy March 1st! How is it the third month of 2017 already?! Spring is near, friends. Mara and Gerhard generously recently shared the best recipe for crocodile soup with me. My project yesterday was shopping at two local produce markets (Sant’Ambrogio Market and the Mercato Centrale) and cooking soup in my apartment. I managed to scrape by with my basic Italian (granted I had to use Google Translate in order to say ‘leek’ and ‘celery’). Nevertheless, I was proud of myself! I was even more proud of how the soup turned out. I stuck exactly to the recipe, and it paid off. Lunch & dinner for the next couple days!


Produce fresh from the markets


Flavors meshing


Mangia, mangia!

I also wanted to share the history assignment I turned in today– a one page reflection on Alexander Stille’s “Double Bind.” Today we started watching Life is Beautiful in class. Not the most uplifting movie to start your day off but it is a film worthy of watching. xo ~ e.




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