Acqua al Due

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oggio ho mangiato pasta con mi amica, Julia. Noi mangiato a Acqua al Due.

Today I ate pasta with my friend Julia. We ate at Acqua al Due.

It was delicious; we’ve both wanted to go there for a while! We chatted and ate our pasta dishes followed by a dessert sampler for two hours. It’s really nice having an older friend (and fellow Vermonter) outside of the FFE Program. We didn’t know each other during our time in Manchester, but we’re getting to know each other in Florence! It’s pretty cool. She recommended Cortona to me, and I gave her some tips for Budapest this weekend. We might make weekly lunch dates a thing, trying somewhere new every week! I told myself I would expand my eating out budget this semester so I can check out more restaurants and cafés in Florence while I can. There are so many in Florence, and I haven’t tried close to half.


Dinner tonight consisted of a small cone of chocolate and peanut butter gelato at My Sugar! I was still full from my big bowl of pasta, and My Sugar is finally open after a winter break. Sasha and I had a nice walk before though to burn a few extra calories 🙂 I’m sore today, so it feels good to walk and loosen up.

In Philosophy class, we’re learning about Plato and his Forms theory. Part of our homework assignment is to watch The Matrix. I recall this to be a frightening film, but I am going to watch it with my classmates (and blanket of course).

This Tuesday was especially terrific with some Italian cuisine! xo ~ e.


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