Moka Me Crazy

Monday, February 20, 2017

For the first time ever, I used our apartment’s Moka to make myself a cup of coffee to go with my lunch! I bought coffee at Conad for 1.80 Sunday and loaded up the famous Bialetti pot with some fine coffee grains. The coffee magically appeared in the top chamber. It didn’t taste half bad with heated milk (no sugar)! I will start making coffee more at home now but will still treat myself to a cappuccino or caffè latte out a couple times a week 🙂 I want to make sure I’m not drinking coffee every day though! I’ve been pretty good lately…


I need a Moka to bring home in May


Coffee in the making


Coffee time is all the time

My Mondays are packed! Class from 9-10:15 AM, a brief break and quick lunch at home, then class from 12-2:30 PM and 3-5:30 PM, a brief break and quick dinner at home, then soccer from 6:30-9 PM (only one hour of playing time). It’s a busy day, but I’m so happy to be playing soccer again. I’ll look forward to it after being in the classroom all day. There are a lot more people in soccer club this semester compared to last semester, and the skill level has risen drastically. Always a good challenge! We tied today 2-2, and I scored! The six boys are all very tall, talented, and competitive. It makes us girls meet their intensity which is fun. I’m sore already. That’s a good sign! xo ~ e.


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