Calcio Fiorentino

Friday, February 17, 2017

Today was a wonderful Friday! I woke up with a sore throat two days in a row, unfortunately; however, I haven’t had any other cold symptoms, and I’m religiously eating soup. Sasha, Vasudha, and I went to brunch at Le Vespe Café this hazy morning. A caffè latte, scrambled eggs (due ouva), and toast con Nutella with two international friends certainly brightened the morning up. Le Vespe is a very popular place for American students, and we try extra hard to stand out by practicing our best Italiano. The kind, middle-aged waiter seems to appreciate our effort which is confidence boosting.

This afternoon Sasha and I checked out Santa Croce, the piazza where Calcio Fiorentino takes place. From what I’ve gathered, Calcio Fiorentino is an old version of football that started in Piazza Santa Croce way back in the 16th century. That’s some several hundred years ago! Football has evolved drastically since then all over the world, but it continues to be a big part of Italian culture. There was a huge crowd in the piazza, and the pitch was essentially sand. We watched the jolly Italians parade in their Renaissance/Medieval costumes before the match commenced. It was quite the scene. Calcio is most similar to Rugby; there’s a ball, two goals, two teams, and rugged wrestling. The men playing today were not very young, and they were built! Sasha and I couldn’t believe how physical it was. White and green shirts tore, and heads were locked. We had a kick out of witnessing this historic game along with several hundred locals and expats. The most famous match is in June, but we won’t be here for that one 😦 Check out my photos below (shot with my Nikon)!

Tomorrow I am heading to Cortona for the day with Amelia, Sarah, and Lauren. We are excited to spend some time outside the city in a quaint Tuscan town. xo ~ e.






In honor of the firefighters 


Flying Fleur-de-lis



Love these colorful costumes


Calcio Storico Fiorentino


Game time


In all her glory


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