Buon San Valentino 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day from Firenze! In reality, it was a perfect GALentine’s Day. I had my Holocaust class this morning at 9 AM then spent the rest of the day with my girls. Sasha, Jill, and I went to a new café we’ve discovered in Florence called Todo Modo. Like Sit’N’Breakfast, it’s a café in a library but in a bookstore! You can find me here from now on.

New favorite study spot

For lunch, we ate paninis at a place I haven’t tried before called Nobile. 4 euro for a delicious sandwich consisting of spicy salami, tomato, greens, and pecorino cheese. We invited a study abroad student to sit with us; she goes to St. Michael’s in Vermont and took a photo of us! It was really nice chatting with a friendly face. She was intrigued by the fact we are freshmen.

We did some homework at Cafè Oblate. I can’t get over the view from the Duomo up there.

I finally worked out today, and I felt immediately sore after! Feels good to be back on the exercise grind though. First coffee in two days too! Making progress towards my spring semester goals.

The Marist Itay student workers generously threw a Valentine’s Day party for us in the common room tonight. We all had a whole pizza to ourselves and a cookie from Mama’s! Wouldn’t have wanted to end Valentine’s Day any other way. We are currently watching Something Borrowed. It must be so romantic celebrating February 14 in Florence. Many couples are out dining at Florence’s best restaurants who all prepared a special Valentine’s Day menu. We enjoyed our day filled with love in the springtime weather! I hope you did too but in the snow 🙂

On another note, ABC revealed who the new Bachelorette is last night. Check out the entertainment article I wrote about it for FlockU today here. xo ~ e.

Steven decorated this cookie for me


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