“Fifty Shades Darker”

Monday, February 13, 2017

With Valentine’s Day upon us, many of us were excited to see Fifty Shades Darker (us teenager girls can’t help it), hopeful the sequel of the Fifty Shades phenomenon would be playing in Florence at the Odeon Theatre. We couldn’t find it on the website, so I emailed them and got this reply:


The reason for the response to the reply took me by surprise. I thought the Italians weren’t super conservative about sex, because Europeans seem to be fairly accepting and flexible about it. It’s interesting how the Odeon chose not to screen it, because they know how much money they could’ve made off of it with all the American study abroad girls and tourists. However, they stood by their morals and values of their company and culture, turning down economic profit. There’s something to appreciate about that! I also liked the term ‘sexy literature.’ Not sure exactly what that means to the Italians but I’ll take their word for it.

There is another local theatre showing it, but the audio is in Italian, and there are no English subtitles. It looks like we may be waiting to watch Fifty Shades in May. Mom and Dad, I promise I won’t make you watch this one with me. xo ~ e.


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