Second Semester Goals

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Yesterday at Ditta Artigianale I took some time to write some goals. Writing goals is an efficient way to remind yourself of how you can be a better person. I often write goals in my planner, on my phone, and in my head. But sometimes you need them on paper somewhere visible: a constant reminder. I have two colorful notecards with my spring semester goals. One lives in my planner I can’t go anywhere without and the other on my bulletin board next to my daily workout plan (which hasn’t been used for way too long). I encourage you to create reasonable spring goals to keep you chugging along through the end of winter! xo ~ e.

  • Drink coffee 3 x/week (max.)
  • Exercise 3 x/week (min.)
  • Walk to Piazzale Michelangelo 1 x/week
  • Explore the other side of Florence more
  • Take more day trips to small, Tuscan towns
  • Eat gelato 2 x/week (max).
  • Try new restaurants in Florence 2 x/month (max.)
  • One episode of Netflix/day
  • Take advantage of Free Sunday every month
  • Practice Italian for 30 minutes every day
  • Do not buy extra stuff
  • Call friends & family on the phone biweekly
  • Work hard to maintain a satisfying GPA

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