Coffee with a Familiar & New Face

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Woo hoo! First week of spring semester is officially over! It feels great having one week under my belt. I have all my syllabi in my folder, bought all my books, and am ready to tackle all my readings and papers (sort of). My Italian literature class was really interesting this afternoon. It is the perfect class to follow my First Year Seminar course I took in the fall. The emphasis on travel writing is so relevant to my study abroad experience. The Italian Grand Tour will be very interesting to dive deeper into.

Earlier this week when I was in the LdM cafeteria, I thought I saw someone (very briefly) I recognized! Turns out she is from Vermont and goes to UVM. I added her on Facebook (we have several mutual friends) and messaged her to see if she was studying in Florence and if she wanted to grab coffee. She (Julia) said yes to both! So this morning after my philosophy class, we met at the carousel in Piazza Repubblica. She had already been to La Ménagère, so we went to Ditta across the river. It made me a little sad being there, because the last time I was there, I was with my parents. However, we had a great time getting to know each other over artisan coffee! Julia is very excited about her semester in Florence and looks forward to doing some international travel but also exploring Florence and Italy. She went to Maple Street and BBA and even did a semester in Turkey in high school. It was so nice chatting with someone from Vermont. We plan on checking out Fiesole together sometime this semester.

I hear there’s a big snowstorm/blizzard striking New England right now. I hope everyone is safe in their homes with a cozy cup of hot chocolate! Today is not a good day to be out on the roads! xo ~ e.


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