Spring Semester’s Underway

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I am still recovering from such a stressful day, but I am getting my bearings down! This semester involves double the amount of study abroad students. It’s so strange yet familiar seeing them on the street! Us FFEs brag in our introductions how we are freshman AND spent fall semester here too; we can’t help it, because it’s pretty cool.

I have some homework already, but most of our classes have just been going over the syllabus for each class.

Here is my spring semester class schedule:


9-10:15 AM The Holocaust: Jewish & Christian Responses

12-2:30 PM Introduction to the Fashion Industry

3-5:30 PM Introduction to Communication


9-10:15 AM Introduction to Western Philosophy: Ancient & Modern Thinkers


9-10:15 AM The Holocaust: Jewish & Christian Responses


9-10:15 AM Introduction to Western Philosophy: Ancient & Modern Thinkers

3-5:30 PM Italian Grand Tour: Italy Through the Eyes of Famous Travelers

I’m happy about having classes every day this semester! I also just got placed into the Intro to Fashion course instead of Intro to Journalism. That class will count towards my pathway, believe it or not! And fashion has such a big presence in Italy and Florence. I couldn’t not take it here!

Yesterday in my COM class, my professor told us a story from Ancient China (Confucius). It went something like this…

There are two young fish and one old fish in the water. The old fish swims up to the two young fish and asks, “So how’s the water today, boys?” Then he swims away. The two young fish ask each other, “Whats water?”

Our prof. encouraged us to share our interpretations of this story. It was interesting hearing what my classmates thought about it. I put my word in and said that sometimes young people are faced with challenges, questions, or issues without the help or support from older and ‘wiser’ people (whether the older people know if the young people are capable of solving it or not). I think that’s true in a lot of ways, and that’s how young people learn. What message do you think this story sends? xo ~ e.


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