Just Kyiv Things

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Last day in Kyiv today… Definitely bittersweet. It has been so much fun shadowing Sasha around her daily life here in this eastern European city. We woke up really early today (6:30 AM) to go with her dad to a bazaar/flea market. It was held in a warehouse outside the city. There were abandoned buildings surrounding it, and Sasha said they never recovered from the Soviet Union. The bazaar was filled with rows of stuff and people looking at it! Anything you could imagine– dolls, clothes, books, old camera parts, household items, coins, old Soviet letters, stamps, tools, the list goes on. People come to trade, sell, and buy various products. We looked at everything, making our way through the maze. Surprisingly, I didn’t buy anything! It was really interesting just looking though.



We were there for a couple hours before going to McDonald’s for a quick snack. I broke my vow that I wouldn’t eat fries or chicken mcnuggets for 9 months. Shame on me… But apparently Ukrainian McDonald’s is ‘better’ than American McDonald’s! #wishfulthinking

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

We took the metro back to the apartment, and Sasha packed for second semester while I napped. Her parents urged us to go out in the afternoon, so we did. We had a sweet treat at Blue Cup Coffee Shop! It was busier this time around compared to Monday. We got hot chocolate, a cappuccino, cheesecake, and a whoopie pie for $8. I treated Sasha after she treated me.


I bought a traditional Ukrainian shirt (called a vyshyvanka) at Globus 2 (an underground shopping mall). It’s a very nice white linen shirt with red and black embroidery. It’ll be perfect for the summer and will remind me of my trip to Ukraine with Sasha!

The Schmitt family and I went out to dinner at the Burger Mexico. I left my phone at the apartment, so I don’t have photos. But imagine chips and guac and chicken fajitas! It was a great farewell dinner. Tomorrow Sasha leaves for the airport at 4 AM, and I leave at 7 AM! xo ~ e.

Here’s my list of “Just Kyiv Things” (things unique to Kyiv):

  • underground malls
  • very cheap flowers
  • $2 cheesecake
  • tasty Rafs
  • perfectly sweet hot chocolate
  • talented street dancers
  • gorgeous churches
  • people in animal costumes trying to get money
  • free HIV testing advertising
  • tokens for metro access
  • $1 cigarette packs
  • co-ed bathrooms
  • lots of soldiers
  • monopoly money (UAH)
  • blue and yellow flag (colors decorating the city)
  • high orthodox population
  • protests



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