Honey & the U.S. Embassy

Wednesday, February  1, 2017

Happy February 1! We celebrated the first day of the second month in 2017 by relaxing. We went to bed at 9 and woke up at 8:30. Sasha’s sisters think we are ‘boring college students.’ We dropped Sasha’s mom off at her manicure appointment then had a yummy at Honey Café next door. I forgot my phone, so I don’t have any pictures of our colorful breakfast. However, imagine a lavender raf, V 60 pour over (Sasha’s fancy coffee), cheesecake, eggs on toast with mushrooms, and yogurt with fruit and granola on a light wooden table.

We went to the twins’ school after to pick something up. It was so nice seeing elementary kids playing outside during recess. It made me miss college and middle school! The little kids looked at us with wide eyes in the lobby. I remember thinking that everyone past the age of 15 seemed so ‘grown up’ at that age. I used to envy them, but now I envy those that still place their belongings in cubbies. 

We went to the U.S. Embassy after (took an Uber). They held onto my phone and passport for security reasons. Sasha gave me a tour, and we wrote some postcards while her mom worked. Being in that building made me feel like I was back in the United States. It must’ve been the Americans in office attire, smell of Windex, bright lights, and coffee station. 

Around 3:30, we went to get a late lunch at a chain Ukrainian fast food restaurant/cafeteria. I devoured borscht and vegetables. All three of us got full trays of food and a drink for $6 total! We popped into the grocery store next door to buy ingredients for dinner. We made red lentil soup! My mom would’ve appreciated that.

Sasha and I are in the midst of watching “Eat Pray Love” and are soaking up the last week of break. Tomorrow we will do some sightseeing. It’s a bit warmer than when I first arrived! xo ~ e.


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