Girls Day

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Today was a girls day in Kyiv! Celebrating the last day of January right. Sasha and I woke up early to get ready and go to our manicure appointment at G Bar Mini. The last time I got my nails done was just days before my flight out of JFK. If you want to get a thorough, cheap ($13), gel manicure, Kyiv is the place to be! We spent an hour and a half being pampered by two, young Ukrainian women. My cuticles have never looked better! We watched Ukrainian women come in and get their daily hair and make up done. It was quite the scene.

We brunched at Milk Bar after our manis. Another really cool café with hipster vibes! Kyiv is filled with them, but they were all opened fairly recently. I got a quinoa bowl, yogurt with granola, and large cappuccino for only $9. What a deal! The dollar runs very strong here. 

We popped into a modern mall and scoped out some of the stores. I was determined to buy postcards in Kyiv, because Sasha raves about their appealing designs and cheap price tags. I got several unique cards to add to my postcard/stationery collection!

We walked around Kyiv some more and ate another snack at a Turkish restaurant. It’s the first time I’ve seen a lot of Arabic people during my months in Europe. We haven’t seen any American or Asian tourists here which does and doesn’t surprise me. Sasha says it’s not a huge tourist destination (especially in January), but I bet it will be over time. 

We ordered Chinese delivery for dinner tonight and are in bed at 8:30 PM to watch “Eat Pray Love.” Sasha and I both love our early nights and early mornings! We are going to do some sightseeing as soon as the temp increases a bit. 

January flew by with so many travels. Can’t wait to see what February has in store! xo ~ e.


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