Ho Viaggiare a Kiev

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Today I’m heading from Florence to Kiev! I’m flying out of Bologna and have a layover in Amsterdam. People have warned me that Amsterdam’s airport is huge, so I hope I can make my one hour connection! I’m packing light this trip– my backpack and tote bag. Luckily, Sasha is letting me borrow some winter apparel so I don’t have to pack as much!

I’m really excited to see Kiev, since it will be unlike any of the cities I’ve been to thus far. Sasha and Jill told me that it’s very different than Western European cities. It also has a very Soviet feel (more so than Prague and Budapest). I’m all for experiencing a new culture and exploring a new place, so I’m sure I’ll love it! Sasha is a coffee shop nerd like me, so you can expect we will spend lots of time at her favorites (and places I researched) with coffee and our journals.

It will be really nice staying with a family on this trip. I’ve heard a lot about Sasha’s family, so I’m looking forward to meeting them!

Here’s what’s on the agenda for my week in Ukraine:


  • St. Sophia Cathedral
  • Kiev Cave Monastery
  • St. Michael’s Monastery
  • St. Andrew’s Church
  • Mother Monument
  • WWII Museum
  • Babi Yar
  • Mariinsky Park


  • Blue Cup Coffee Shop
  • Honey Cafe
  • One Love Espresso Bar
  • Whitebeard Blackbird
  • Fair Finch
  • Druzi Cafe
  • Milk Bar


  • Riding the metro
  • Checking out flea markets/bazaars
  • Getting our nails done (it’s vacation after all)

If you have traveled to Kiev or know anything about it, please comment tips below! I will try my best to blog every day! xo ~ e.


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