Prague Day 2

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Today we utilized Prague’s Hop On • Hop Off city sightseeing company to check out some of the city’s most famous spots! We had breakfast in the hotel, and there was a huge spread for us to pick and choose from. The hotel was very busy; there were a lot of people staying there for business. Seems like a pretty cool gig if you ask me!

We went to Prague Castle first and got a really nice tour from a quirky guy. It was great having someone give us context about what we were looking at.


Prague is absolutely freezing cold! By far the coldest destination I’ve been. We’re talking low 20s. After our tour, we were desperate for something warm, so we got fresh mint tea. It hit the spot.


After Prague Castle, we went to the famous John Lennon Wall. There were many other tourists taking photos at this iconic wall. It’s encouraged to write on it, and there were some really interesting pieces of artwork too.


We did a river boat cruise to warm up again, and it was cool seeing the city from the river. I love the pastel colored buildings in Prague– mint, lavender, peach, baby blue, vanilla. It’s like they’re out of a fairytale or they’re big doll houses.


For dinner, we went to Nostress. The handsome waiters were very attentive and served us some delicious food. I had a delicious carrot coriander soup with potatoes au gratin and pan-fried vegetables. We also tried a Czech red wine. We sat at dinner for two hours (the European way) and told stories. It was very relaxing and fun!


Jill’s Mom stayed in the hotel while us girls went out for a beer. We ended up at an empty medieval restaurant. It was very odd sitting in a medieval-style, candle lit room, but it was a good spot for girl talk. We had a packed day and did our best to stay warm! Loving Prague so far. xo ~ e.



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