Touchdown in Prague

Monday, January 23, 2017

Yes! I am on the move again, and this week is a girls trip to Prague, Czech Repbulic! Amelia, Jill, Donna (Jill’s mom), Olivia and I departed from Florence before taking a brief stop in Paris and continuing our journey to Prague. One month ago from today I was on a plane to Budapest! From what Sonia has told me, the two cities are very similar. From the little I’ve seen of Prague, I can believe it.

Charles de Gaulle Airport

We arrived in Prague around 8 PM and took the bus and metro to our hotel. We are getting a much more ‘luxurious’ travel experience than past vacations spent in hostels & Air BnBs. They’re all great nevertheless. When you travel, you don’t spend much time in your room anyways!

We ate a late dinner downstairs in our hotel. It’s actually a branch of Budapest’s famous New York Café. So I did feel like I was really back in Budapest after looking at the Hugarian options on the menu! We all got soup and salad to accompany the delicious bread. My cabbage soup with spicy sausage was scrumptious! I love the comfort food served in this general area of Europe. It’s to die for.

Our waiter was an absolute riot. He was hilarious and made us feel so welcomed. He even lived in New Hampshire, so he knew where Vermont was when Amelia and I told him! His kind words and funny gestures will be remembered. George (pronounced Yerry in Czech) taught us how to say “thanks.” It’s pronounced geekee (cheeky but with a “g). That will come in handy! 

Didn’t get to take a lot of photos today since it was nighttime when we landed, and we went straight to our hotel. It’s always fascinating showing up in a new place at night and not getting a feel of it until the next day. Adventure awaits in Prague! Stay tuned! xo ~ e.


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