Back to Firenze

Thursday, January 19, 2017

First off, allow me to write a big “Buon Compleanno” to my nana! If you are lucky enough to know this inspirational woman, please don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday and good luck in her chorale concert this Sunday!


I saw my parents off at MXP this morning at precisely 9 AM. It was a bittersweet moment at the security check point when we embraced in a last hug until May. I will miss them dearly but am so grateful for our two and a half weeks together in Europe. Them coming to visit and explore was part of the deal for me to study abroad!


Off they go!

As I was about to get my wallet out of my backpack to pay for a train ticket to Milano Centrale, I recognized a familiar backpack and scarf! I had to say “Lauren” twice before my fellow friend & FFE turned around and gave me a big hug. What are the odds?! She had just flown into MXP from JFK. We were able to catch up on the train and take the same train to Florence. It is so nice being back in this city even though it is sad without my parents. I went out for coffee with two of my flatmates at a new café (Le Murate), grocery shopped, did laundry, and checked some stuff off of my to do list! I have a few days here before embarking on yet another adventure to Prague. My parents have safely landed in Newark and will return to Vermont tomorrow! Until next time! xo ~ e.


Just some Vermonters at the Acropolis


2 thoughts on “Back to Firenze

  1. Nana says:

    Thanks for remembering and where did you get that picture? Tomorrow after the concert we go out to celebrate at “Allegro” in Bennington. Wish you were here.

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