Stray Dogs and Early European Civilization 

Monday, January 16, 2017 

Fulfilling day here in Heraklion! We had a comfortable sleep in our temporary apartment before taking a stab at Heraklion’s public transportation system. We somehow made it into the center via bus! After a quick breakfast, we hopped on Bus #2 to Knossos. The Palace of Knossos helped historians understand that Crete was the earliest European civilization. Today we got to visit the Palace of Knossos! It was practically empty on a mid-January, mildly rainy and windy day. Therefore, we didn’t have to wait in any lines, and we weren’t pushing and shoving to get a glimpse of the ruins. 

They were quite impressive.

We loved the Throne Room.

Some stray dogs and peacocks kept us company during our visit at Knossos.

We took a bus back into the city for a lunch break (Greeks respect their siesta on this island, and so do we). After that, we checked out the Venetian Fort and walked along the marina. Beautiful water!

We strolled around the historic center too.

Stunning streets

A gorgeous church

Lion’s Fountain

Instead of going out to dinner tonight, we bought groceries at Lidl and cooked in our apartment! A home cooked meal tasted so good after so much eating out.

Instead of tossing out my receipts and ticket stubs, I paste them in my travel journal as a special momento. It’s also less time consuming that scrap booking! 

It occurred to me today that it’s unfortunate how we (tourists) take pleasure in Greece’s cheap prices while the Greeks are suffering from a weak economy. It’s apparent that Greece really is in a bit of an economic depression. Although a single traveler may not be able to fix the problem, he/she can gain a new, global perspective and spread awareness. Something to keep in mind…

Tomorrow we plan on going to Chania for the day. Hopefully we can catch the right bus there and back! I’m savoring the last few days I have left with my parents. It’s been a European vacation for the books! xo ~ e.


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