Goodbye Athens, Hello Crete

Sunday, January 15, 2017

This afternoon we bid Athens farewell and took the short trip to Crete this evening (45 minute flight). I didn’t realize how big Crete was; it’s 260 km long! We flew into Heraklion, not Chania. It’s very cool being able to see two different popular destinations in Greece.

This morning started out with a cup of coffee at Kudu “The Workshop” close to our apartment. My dad and I tried a flat white; it was strong but tasty! The barista felt bad for spilling some of my mom’s cappuccino on her saucer, so he gave us a free chocolate muffin to share. Can’t say we complained! 

We took the metro to see the Temple of Zeus, and we happened to catch the change of guards at 11 AM following a weekly Sunday morning parade. That was good timing! 

The Temple of Zeus was pretty neat. It’s hard to believe the building begun in 6th century B.C.. 

We walked down the Grand Promenade again after and ate a crepe before riding the metro to the airport. Sunday morning is a popular time in Athens, Greece! The streets were so crowded, and everyone was out enjoying the sun. 

We flew out of Athens at 7 PM and took a cab to our Air BnB. It’s in a residential area close to the beach! We are exhausted and excited to see what’s in store for us on this island. xo ~ e.


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