Coffee x3

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Today was sadly our last full day in Athens. We have all become quite attached to this splendid city. As excited as we are to check out Crete tomorrow, we will sincerely miss the views of the Acropolis during the day and night in addition to the impeccable gyros and falafel. 

We took our dandy time getting ready this morning by not rushing to get out. Once we did, our first stop was at Taf Coffee. I think Athens wins for best city for coffee shops! Every one we have been to is exquisite. My dad especially loved Taf. They only served coffee, and they served it well. Mom got a caffè latte, I got a cappuccino, and Dad got a mocha cappuccino. I do miss my cappuccinos at Ditta and La Ménagère, but the coffee here is pretty fantastic.

We ate brunch at a café near theNational  Archaelogical Museum. My parents enjoyed a museum date (their go-to date) while I escaped the museum trip to a different café to do some journaling. I got a caffè latte at Just Made 33 and sat outside for 2.5 hours to write! It was needed and relieving. The coffee was great too, and the place was busy. Always a good sign! 

My parents met up with me at Just Made 33, and my dad figured it was time for his coffee fix. He got a double Greek coffee AND an espresso (note he had two coffees this morning). We’re even turning my mom into a coffee fanatic! Let me tell you, European coffee is something else compared to American drip coffee (sorry, Dunkin). My mom and I got cheap long sleeve  shirts at Tally (Europe is having a huge clothing sale right now) then joined my dad for snacks at Just Made 33. Chocolate cake and Greek yogurt hit the spot! Most delicious bowl of yogurt I have ever had.

We regrouped at our Air BnB then went for a nice, evening stroll on the Grand Promenade. We had a perfect view of the Acropolis that was all lit up. Athens was hoppin’ tonight. It was such a lively scene. 

We got falafel (3 euros each) for dinner and savored each and every bite! 

We have been eating extremely well in Europe. Absolutely no complaints! If anyone is looking to hire someone to review coffee shops around the world, I would be more than willing 🙂 Our flight isn’t until tomorrow night, so we still have a half day to explore Athens tomorrow! xo ~ e.


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