Island Hoppin’

Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th! Can’t say I know how many of these there will be in 2017… I guess we’ll have to find out! Today we got our vacation butts up before 7 AM to catch a high speed boat out of Piraeus Port to a nearby island. We discovered last night that there’s a club literally right below our apartment. We jammed our way to sleep; it certainly helps that we’ve been exhausted by 10 PM! It makes sense that there’s a club in close proximity considering we are in a college area of Athens. Can’t say my parents are super pleased about it! My dad jokes he’s going to go down there tonight and tell them to lower the volume. For everyone’s sake, it’d be best if he didn’t. 

We took the metro to the port and bought tickets at one of the tourist kiosks. Our Flying Dolphin boat departed at 8:50 AM and organized its seats like an airplane. Being on the boat reminded me of taking the ferry to Ibiza in October when I got seasick from lack of food and water! I was well nourished this time. 

Piraeus Port

The ride to Aegina was only 40 minutes; the waters were calm, and the ocean was its most beautiful deep blue. Once we got to Aegina, we had a breakfast at a local café I found on Google Maps. It was very nice! We enjoyed a relaxing meal. No rush on island time! One culture shock in Greece that has been an adjustment is smoking inside restaurants. Lots of Europeans smoke, but in Italy, you aren’t allowed to inside. The cigarette smell in a contained space isn’t the best when you’re trying to enjoy a meal, but it’s tolerable. 

We took a bus at 11:50 AM to Pirdeka, a small fishing village, about 6 miles away from the port. It reminded us of being in the Caribbean as we made our way along the ocean on a narrow and windy road! 

The water was absolutely beautiful. It was so clear but not the type of clear you find somewhere like Ibiza; it was clear like a small, fresh water creek or river. It surprisingly wasn’t even that cold! If I had a swimsuit, I would’ve taken the plunge. 

We all journaled in Pirdeka and soaked in the sun. We got a kick out of seeing flowers blooming in January. The restaurants overlooking the ocean were desperately in need of customers. It’s so different being somewhere during the off season. We were really the only tourists on the island! It’s nice having the peace and quiet and imagining what it’s like during the high peak season. Sure, there may be more excitement during that time, but you can find excitement anywhere if you look in the right places. 

Rocky spot to journal

The bus showed up at 2:50 PM to take us back to the port. The bus only ran twice today, so we were lucky we made it back, or else we would’ve been sleeping with the stray cats and dogs (in all seriousness, it’s very sad passing them here in Greece)! 

Classic Greek image

We had juice and coffee before our boat arrived then we made it back to our apartment around 5:30 PM. My mom is having fun doing our laundry in the apartment, and we have gotten creative hanging our clothes to dry. For dinner tonight, we had gyros at the place we went to Wednesday night. Can’t beat a 2.50 euro Greek meal! 

We’ve been in several different climates and cultures in the past two weeks. From cobblestone streets to the Alps to the sea. I have to say, having time away from my iPhone and instead, focusing on the earth’s natural beauty and the comfort of my parents has been the best recharge. Hanging out by the sea was some well deserved R & R for all of us!

Mom & Dad

Some things to check out online!

xo ~ e.


One thought on “Island Hoppin’

  1. Dauenheimer says:

    Hello Travelers,

    Soaking up the gorgeous colors and don’t tell me it’s warm enough to go barefoot? You sure know how to find great places to visit and eat at. Emma I love your pics of your “cute” parents. Congrats on getting your Budapest piece published.

    Love, Nana

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