Top of Germany

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
We spent the day in Garmisch today! What a train ride with impeccable views of the Alps and German countryside. We couldn’t have lucked out any better with the weather; we had sunny and blue skies. 

Once we arrived in Garmisch at 11 AM, we took the train up to Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany! We had a very small world moment on the train. There was a young American family with two young children, and they asked us where we were from. We, of course, said Vermont, and they said they’re from Texas but have spent time skiing and vacationing in Vermont and New Hampshire. A few minutes later the husband/father asked us if we were on vacation. My mom said yes because I was studying in Florence for the year. He raved about Florence before we asked what they were doing here. He proceeded to tell us he just moved to Kiev, Ukraine for work. I told him I will be there visiting a friend at the end of the month; he said he works in the army. I asked if the name ‘Schmitt’ rings a bell, and he said Colonel Schmitt is his boss! Turns out he knows Sasha and her family, and they live a few doors down from them; they even played Cards Against Humanity last New Year’s Eve! What a small world. I took a cute family photo of them and said I would see them in a few weeks in Kiev!

This world never ceases to amaze me. We loved the breathtaking view from several thousand feet up. We popped into one of the ski lodges for goulash soup and a cappuccino. 

We would’ve skied if we had snow pants! In fact, we were quite envious of the graceful skiers and boarders of all ages. Nothing beats the experience of treading the slopes in the Alps. 

We took the cable car up to the summit for even more spectacular views.

Around 4:15, we took the train back to Garmisch to check out the small German mountain town. The high elevation made us a little lightheaded! And it felt much colder without the warmth of the sun. We found a place to eat dinner, and there was no English menu, so we pointed to a random dish and hoped it was something we liked! We all enjoyed our dishes; mine was a plate of bacon mac & cheese with a salad. It hit the spot with some hot cocoa.

We are at the train station now in Garmisch. Going to hop on the train to Munich fairly soon. What an adventure in the Alps! Can’t said I’ll forget it. Tomorrow we say ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to Germany and ‘Hello’ to Greece! xo ~ e.


4 thoughts on “Top of Germany

  1. Nana says:

    Your pictures are a treasure and it looks like you packed at least a weeks worth of sightseeing in a couple of days .More power to you! ENJOY.

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