Munich Me Crazy

Monday, January 9, 2017
No museums today (sorry, Dad). Instead, we hung out in the city center. Our first stop was Marienplatz to see the Glockenspiel at 11 AM. We were joined by many tourists as we heard the music box music play and watched the figures spin slowly in a circle. Can’t say the experience was an ordinary one!

We took an elevator up to the top of the building Neues Rathaus (no stair climbing high buildings for us in this city) for a panoramic view of Munich.

We did some window shopping after (big sales everywhere in Europe right now) and popped into St. Michael’s church. By that time, we needed a sweet pick me up. I Yelped Coffee & Tea near me and trusted my phone to take us to Café Frischhut. We indulged in hot chocolate and a pastry fresh out of the fryer. I could’ve spent all day writing and people watching in this cozy spot! There were lots of locals getting their baked goods, so we knew we hit the jackpot. 

Then we took the streetcar to Nymphenburg Palace. It was huge! I can’t imagine living there. My favorite room was the main room with lots of light.

We all napped before Mara and Gerhard picked us up at 6:30 PM to treat us to dinner at the Haufbräukeller. They said they took my grandparents here and that they love this place. We can see why! My dad and I got 1/2 a farm duck with red cabbage and a potato dumpling. I couldn’t help but get another Radler since you can’t get those everywhere! 

The meal was high up there on the best meals I’ve ever consumed. I have a newfound passion for Bavarian cuisine. We had a great time eating and chatting; Mara and Gerhard are excellent company and hosts.

Tomorrow we are day tripping to the mountains! xo ~ e.


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