From Wursts to Gyros

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We have safely arrived in Athens, Greece! Who would’ve thunk that the three of us would be spending a week here in January. This morning Mara and Gerhard took us to the airport, and we said goodbye. I’m going to miss them and their warm and comforting presence. The Munich airport is absolutely gorgeous– modern, clean, and spacious. If you’re going to be delayed in an airport, Munich is certainly the place to be!

Anticipation and excitement

We ended up being delayed near the runway since all the planes had to deice their wings. We took off though and had a two and a half hour ride south. We had pretty incredible views of the Alps from above. And Agean was kind enough to feed us a satisfying lunch!

We approached Athens over the deep blue Meditteranean.

We landed in Athens at 2:40 and took the metro from the airport to our Air BnB in the center!

We have the whole apartment to ourselves, and the host spoke Italian! I told her I’m studying in Florence, and she earned her PhD in Turin. We communicated a bit in Italian which was nice!

For dinner, we ate cheap (2.80 euros) and delicious pork gyros at a popular college student spot: Kandavlos. My parents said they like being in the presence of young people. Can you blame them? They’re young too though!

We went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. My dad asked a friendly local for directions. Most people we have encountered speak English which is good since the language barrier is very real here! “It’s all Greek to me.”

We have wifi in our apartment, so I hope to stay on top of my blog every night. I enjoyed a nice bath this evening when we got back and even watched some “Gilmore Girls” in the tub!

Tomorrow we are going to eat brunch after a good sleep in (exhausting day of traveling but well worth it) then go to the Acropolis. We can see it from our balcony! How cool! My dad said it took his breath away when he first saw it. The weather here is warmer than in Munich (50 degrees F) but rainy. From what we’ve briefly seen of Athens, it is not as modern or pristine as Munich, but it’s still beautiful and intriguing nevertheless. We can’t wait to explore it throughout the next few days. Stay tuned! xo ~ e.


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