Brunch & Museums

Sunday, January 8, 2017
Today we had a fabulous first full day in Munich! We slept in after a long day of travel then went to Mara and Gerhard’s house for brunch. Boy, do they know how to put on a spread!! We were welcomed with bread, croissants, fruit, German sausages, coffee (that I had too much of), pierogies, cheese, salami, and crocodile soup! 

Gerhard and Mara’s daughter, Keira, came over with her husband, Julian, and their two adorable kids, Quiran and Lidoba. It’s so exciting meeting new family members. The young kids didn’t speak much English, but that didn’t stop them from playing a game of Trouble (from Mom) with me and their dad! 

The kids are clearly close with their grandparents, treating them as if they are extensions of their parents (which biologically they are). It reminded me of my strong relationship with all three grandparents and how I used to whisper in their ears at the table too when Mom and Dad were busy talking with company. Julian and Keira were so sweet and fun to talk to. I was touched by the fact that they met when they were 17 & 18 years old! They headed off to the circus for an afrenroon’s worth of entertainment, and we went to two museums! Dad’s favorite. My favorite were some pieces by Van Gogh; I especially loved the sunflower painting. 

I automatically recognized this painting because I saw this scene in person in Venice in October during my pilgrimage! 

We went to the Haufbräuhaus for dinner! What a classic German experience that was despite the high amount of tourists! We lucked out and found an empty table in the bustling hall. We were joined by two young Russian men on vacation; Sasha would’ve had a ball talking to them in Russian. They told us “You must visit Russia. Forget the politics. No one cares.” We got a kick out of that. My mom and I shared a Radler (half beer, half lemonade) and tried a non-alcoholic beer. The pork, red cabbage, and potato dumpling were thoroughly enjoyed. The German band set the lively scene. No need to attend Oktoberfest! That’s all for today. xo ~ e.


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