Rome Take Three

Thursday, January 5, 2016

My parents and I spent an eleven hour day in Roma! It was really fun showing them around; we walked 12 miles, so clearly we made the most of our short time there! We were all exhausted by the time we made it to dinner around 6 PM. The bread and cacio e pepe certainly replenished us. Here’s a quick recap of the day…

We arrive in Roma Termini at 9 AM. We sat at the Mercato Centrale in Rome for an hour as we sipped on caffè lattes. Dad got a ‘caffè doppio’ (the barista must’ve though What are these Americans thinking?!).

The first thing on our agenda was the Colosseum, one of the Seven Wonders! We waited in line for nearly an hour then explored the tourist attraction that was once an arena where people fought to the death. We did a tour and learned about the history more in depth. It’s nice to have a good idea about the place you are visiting!


After the Colosseum (AKA Flavian Amphitheatre), we briefly walked around the Roman Forum before taking a cab to St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Unfortunately, the Sistine Chapel was closed, and we didn’t see the Pope. However, the Vatican Museum was pretty dope! We spent some time there admiring the art. My dad especially enjoyed it.

From the Vatican, we took the packed metro to Piazza di Spagna. We loved seeing the Spanish Steps, all the people and lights, and the decorated Christmas trees.


We all threw a coin in the Trevi and asked a woman to take a photo of the three of us (we don’t have too many in our camera rolls).


We ate dinner close to the train station. I was familiar with the area because it was near the hostel we stayed at in September! We packed a whole lot into a day. No wonder my view on the train was this:


Two tired (and slightly jet lagged) parents

‘Twas certainly an adventure. I’m so glad they got to see such a famous Italian city! Last day in Florence tomorrow before our international travels commence. xo ~ e.


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