Happy Epiphany

Friday, January 6, 2016

Today is a national holiday here in Italy: Epiphany. Epiphany (the celebration of God’s revelation of His son, Jesus, as a human) was celebrated in Florence by a grand parade in the city center. The city was packed, and people were out and about! We slept in this morning after our day in Rome yesterday before brunching at Ditta Artigianale. We had the most relaxing time over yogurt, caffè lattes, croissants, and smoke salmon on toast. We truly enjoyed a morning meal ‘piano, piano.’ I wanted to make sure my parents went to one of my all-time favorite hangout spots in Florence!


My mom and I dropped my dad off at the Uffizi after brunch then the two of us bought her a new wallet at Mywalit and did a load of laundry at a place right down our street. We met my dad in the afternoon eventually (it was quite the challenge since we told him to meet us at the Bell Tower, but the parade was going on!) before hiking up to Piazzale Michelangelo for a sunset picnic. They got to see one of the best views on Florence on the steps with me as the sun went down. I made them pose for a few pictures before we snacked on cheese, bread, salami, fruit, and yogurt.


‘Cutest parents in the world’ award goes to moi!


We went to see “The Passengers” at the Odeon with Jill at 6:30 PM. What a beautiful theater with such comfy seats! We thoroughly appreciated the intermission. The movie was good, but we weren’t satisfied with the ending. Our bitterness was relieved from some sweet gelato at My Sugar afterwards!

Relaxing day in Florence. So happy my parents fell in love with the city like I have. What a campus to have! Tomorrow we travel to Germany via train. I’m leaving my laptop in Florence but will try and blog as much as I can from my iPhone while we are away. See you soon, Florence. I’ll miss you (and having my parents here with you and me)! xo ~ e.


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