1600 Steps Later

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My parents and I had a wonderful full day in sunny Florence today! We ate breakfast at La Ménagère (they now understand why I love it so much); I made them get a cappuccino and a croissant with me in addition to their pancakes and yogurt.


We climbed the Bell Tower after waiting in line for an hour. It was worth it! We did not anticipate such a narrow staircase. It was tight and claustrophobic, but the view was well worth it. Checking that off the ‘study abroad in Florence’ bucket list!


View from the Bell Tower

Paninis for lunch and a brief break at their hotel room before heading out again to climb the Duomo this time! Another 400 stairs up! The spiral staircase was dizzying, but the traffic was one way, so it was less claustrophobic. We saw beautiful frescos on our way up on the inside of the dome.


Fam photo


Down the dome we go!

After the Duomo climb, we went to Arnolds for coffee then RED to look at books at my favorite bookstore. My dad was in desperate need for a belt, so we went to a common leather goods shop to buy one. The man was from Bangladesh (of course my dad HAD to ask).


We went to Santarpia for the best pizza in Florence. I think it’s safe to say Italy has the most scrumptious pizza in the world.


Molto buona!

It was a packed day! We ascended and descended 1600 steps just from the Duomo and Bell Tower. We probably walked several thousand throughout the city. My parents are troopers by not letting jet lag stop them from Florentine exploration. Tomorrow we are headed off to Rome for the day! I’m a happy girl in Florence. It’s so nice being able to share my life here with the two people that made it possible. xo ~ e.


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