Last Day in Firenze in 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

The next day I’ll be in Firenze will be in 2017! I am off to Verona tomorrow at 9 AM. Today I enjoyed a full day out and about in Florence. It was 50 degrees and sunny with blue skies. I couldn’t complain.

I slept in until 9 before heading out in the city. I checked my mailbox and bought a stamp at my stamp tabacchi (“un francobollo a Stati Uniti per favore”) before making my way to Ditta Artigianale on Via del Sprone for a caffè latte, short story writing, and letter reading. Ella sent me a nice, long letter with a clearly adorable Christmas card! Someday we’re going to launch our own stationery/lettering company.


I love my mornings at Ditta Artigianale

This afternoon I took my Nikon out for a stroll and captured some shots of Florence on this fine Friday. The city was bustling with tourists and locals eager to ring in 2017. I missed out on the weekly flower market yesterday in Piazza Repubblica; next Thursday I’ll be in Rome with my parents!

I also decided to get my eyebrows waxed at Wave Parrucchieri. I went with Maddie in September when she wanted to get hers done and was impressed with the patience and precision the woman used. It only cost me 8 euros, and they look ‘on fleek’!

On my way back to my apartment, I had good timing, for I witnessed a random act of kindness just a meter away from my feet. A beggar on the street received a hot pizza from a blonde middle-aged woman. I won’t forget the look of graciousness he illustrated before taking a hungry bite. Perhaps this is an omen that 2017 will bring more joy and kindness than tragedy and hate.

I got to FaceTime with Colleen tonight. It was nice seeing a familiar face (thanks, technology), and she was grateful to talk to someone who could relate to living in Florence! I think many of my study abroad friends at home are experiencing some degree of reverse culture shock. Something to look forward to in May!

I hope people in New England are staying safe in the snow. It might not have been a white Christmas, but it looks like it will be a white New Year! xo ~ e.

* I was featured on a blog called Young & Twenty recently. Check out my submission here (please excuse the typos that were out of my control).


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