Ho Tornato a Firenze

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I’ve returned to Florence! I miss Budapest, but it’s of course nice to be back on familiar streets. This morning I took a stab at using the bus system to go pick up a package. I got lost, and it took three times as long as it should have, but I made it to the courier office! Turns out I didn’t actually have a package. The receipt I was given was for a package I already picked up. Oh well! It was an experience, and I rode the bus by myself!

This afternoon I made my list of what I want to see & do in Ukraine; I leave in just over a month! Sasha was impressed and happy with what I came up with. After going to Budapest, I just can’t wait to travel more.

I also caught up on some journaling and am in the midst of applying for summer internships. Stressful but keeping me busy since school isn’t!

I am going to eat healthy this week after delicious but not so healthy Hungarian food. I worked out tonight– the first time in a couple weeks! I’m hoping to get back in a regular exercise routine before my parents come… which is one week from today! It’s crazy that they’re coming so soon. The four months without seeing them has somehow not seemed terribly long. I miss them a lot and am so excited to show them around Florence before traveling to two other countries with them. It’s a big deal for the LeMays!

I have been doing some reflecting on 2016 and encourage you to do the same. New Years resolutions? Goals in general? Take the next few days to do some reflection! xo ~ e.


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