Break in Florence

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I was supposed to be in Rome today, but it worked out having a free day in Florence! It’s nice not having classes here and just being able to live freely. Feels rather ‘adult’ waking up in my empty apartment and  just hanging out. Sonia and Amelia are in Florence too, so we have kept each other company.

A year ago from today I got my acceptance letter from Marist College! I was at Annika’s house baking chocolate macarons, and Dad called me when he got the mail. Once he said it was a big letter, I knew I was in. I couldn’t be happier to have chosen Marist because it led me here to Italy. It’s hard to believe that was 365 days ago.

This morning I gave Amelia a haircut. She’s very trusting! I took off several inches. Her hair is very thick, but I did the best I could. It’ll grow, and she can get it cut by a professional at home. I didn’t think it looked half bad though!


I’m starting a new journal given to me by Kayla. I think it’s a sign that I need to hop on over to the Netherlands!


I picked Vasudha up from the train station tonight at 9 PM. She came back from her travels in Germany and Vincenzia. There’s a Christmas tree in the train station with letters to Santa Claus from passing strangers. I was clearly intrigued and fascinated by this annual tradition! Note that not all the notes are in Italian!



I have another free day tomorrow before Budapest on Friday! I’ve been journaling, cooking, taking walks, watching “Gilmore Girls”, and relaxing in Firenze. Christmas is almost here! xo ~e.


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